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Humans-B-Gone: a 3D animated project set in a universe where the primary sentient life is giant bugs that are barely aware humans even exist

Bogleech: articles about creatures, horror, and biology since 2001

Ascalaphid: cool personal site with art

secretpaths: friend's personal site collection of postage stamps with bugs on them

Rockin' Roaches and More: care journal/guide for the siterunner's pet arthropods

Cydork: cool worlbuilding/specbio resource for identifying bugs

Scribblemakes: friend's personal site

Jack The Vulture: cool personal site, bugs and paleoart

Coelary: graphic novel about bug people

splendidland: fun personal site with cool illustrations and also sculptures

Dinofish: retro website about coelacanths

Xerces Society: reputable insect/invertebrate conservation organization, cool website interactive map of the entire world of Hollow Knight

The Cockroach Homepage: website all about cockroaches with tons of information and literature recommendations about them

An Atlas of Insect Morphology: illustrated textbook about insect anatomy, extremely helpful resource especially for drawing them (Google Drive link but let me know if this stops working because I have the PDF as well)

Crab Database: database of thousands of species of crab, visually sorted by family and genus

Biodiversity Heritage Library: collection of public domain biology/biodiversity papers, books, and illustrations, additionally here's their Flickr page where you can more easily find vintage scientific illustrations that are public domain and free to use

The Small Science Collective: cool zines about science and biology topics, this link is to their insect zines page